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Working From Home - Connecting to the Network Using VPN

This is an IT QuickStart guide on how to connect to our network while off-site. This allows you to access resources hosted on the SELCO, Town, or Police networks respectively.

PLEASE NOTE: Remote access is limited based on job requirements and department head authorization. Additional authorization may be required for Enterprise-wide applications such as MUNIS. Forward any request for access to your supervisor/department head for approval, then submit to For security reasons, remote network access is limited to Town-owned devices.

First things first, you need to turn on your device and log in with your normal work credentials. once you are logged in, you then need to connect that device to the internet. Either wirelessly or a wired connection to your home router.

1. Find the Fortinet VPN Client. You have two options

1.1 Double-click on the icon on your desktop.


1.2 Find the green shield in your system tray and double click it.

2. Choose the appropriate network/domain from the drop down list.

3. Enter your computer/domain username and password and click connect

4. Once successfully connected you'll receive confirmation

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  • 18-Mar-2020