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Toner Recycling

Connecticut Business Systems (CBS) is our managed print vendor.  For a per-page fee, they provide toner and maintain all our printers. 

Every printer should have a label attached to it that carries CBS's phone number, and a serial number identifying your printer.  If for any reason yours does not, notify Tech Support.

CBS will ship your toner directly to you.  Typically they fulfill orders by the next day.  The toner box should contain a return label to send the empty cartridge back to be recycled.

Some toners, due to age or size, do not have a return label.  in that case, CBS provides a website for you to set up your returns.  

Please log into - and follow the instructions.  to set that up.

Moving forward, we will make sure that full recycling is included in the next managed print contract.  But, the best way to recycle is to reduce usage.  

Just as a reminder; reduced printing cuts down on toner usage, paper usage, and the per page fee we pay for the service.

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  • 20-May-2019