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101 - Brivo Door Access and ID Badges Basics

The electronic door access control system (AKA Door Swipes) that we use at Town Hall is a cloud-based system called Brivo.

The term "Access Control" means an integrated system that both manages and monitors the physical access to a facility.  Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), proximity scanners read the serial number of that fob or card, and then check it against the cloud database of identity.  Once verified, Brivo then sends a signal to the door, allowing the electronic bolt to open and provide access.  This all happens in a fraction of a second.

A user identity is created in Brivo for each user, and the credentials and access they require is coded for them.  We also have a photo and position details for that person; we also use Brivo to generate identity cards.  Brivo is also connected to our surveillance cameras to provide a video snapshot of that person's access.

The Brivo system can also read cards from other access control systems.  RFID cards and fobs all have a common format.  We have the option of enrolling fobs from other systems into our Brivo inventory.  The concept is sometimes called "Ambassador Access" or "Envoy Access".  This allows us to assign that card or fob to the employee, and grant them access with it in our system.  The benefit is that it allows that employee to carry a single fob, and allows both entities autonomy with access.  

We highly recommend that any department that needs a stand-alone access control system use Brivo.  This will allow us to leverage buying power by standardizing on one system, share resources with one common platform, and have one vendor to address when we have issues or concerns.  

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  • 14-Jun-2019