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Town Hall Room Booking Procedures

The Town has a policy regarding booking meeting rooms in Town Hall.  The original memo is attached, the text from that memo appears below.

Please refer all questions regarding this policy to the Town Manager's Office.  Please refer and meeting room conflicts to the Town Manager's Office.

NOTE - For the "How-to" Article on Booking a Meeting Room, Click Here

NOTE - For the "How-to" Article on Viewing a Meeting Room, Click Here


Office of the



TO: Town Hall Staff

FROM: Kristen D. Las, Assistant Town Manager

SUBJECT: Town Hall Room Booking Procedures

DATE: March 23, 2017

The meeting rooms in Town Hall are used by all departments and by outside groups and agencies. Staff can view room availability and book resources as needed through the Google Calendar. If you need assistance with Google Calendar, please place a ticket with Shrewsbury Tech Support,

Since these are shared resources, some scheduling conflicts are inevitable. Please review the following list as guidelines when scheduling meeting space. Please note; for all room conflicts or issues, please see the Town Manager’s office.

General meeting room etiquette

  • Schedule the appropriate amount of time for your needs. Also known as “the Goldilocks rule”. Booking too much time will leave the room unavailable for others and booking too little time can create conflict with the next group using the space.
  • Book or reserve rooms no more than 2-3 weeks in advance. Even for recurring meetings. Booking beyond 2-3 weeks ties up these resources and makes booking more difficult for others. Town committees or boards may be an exception.
  • Please start and end your meetings on time to be respectful of the folks before you, and after you.
  • Make sure not to make a reservation to hold space “just in case.” Others may have a real need for the room, only to find it blocked off.
  • Always make a reservation. Even at the last minute. If you see that a conference room is unoccupied, verify that with the room schedule before you begin using it, and reserve it for as long as you need.
  • Pick up after your meeting. The meeting organizer will be held accountable for the condition of the room after a meeting. Please clean up after the meeting ends.
  • If you need to cancel, please do so electronically or reschedule as soon as you can. This will free up that room as a resource for others.
  • Please send a ticket to Tech Support prior to the meeting if you need assistance with a conference phone, projector or screen. If IT support is busy with service tickets or outages, they may be unavailable for assistance when the meeting starts. PLEASE NOTE: The meeting organizer is the person responsible for any needs of that meeting. So please plan ahead.
  • Right size your meeting. Choose the room size closest to the number of participants. Also please specify any requirements for seating or chairs in the meeting invite so that your room can be set up for your needs (chairs, tables, etc.). Please coordinate with Building Maintenance prior to your meeting.
  • Use the meeting rooms for meetings and our break rooms for breaks. We have two staff areas available for breaks. Contact your manager if you need a quiet space to work.

There are additional meetings rooms at the Senior Center, Library and Fire Headquarters. Please contact those departments directly for booking and use of their rooms.

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