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August Cyber Security Newsletter- Phone Call Attacks

CyberSecurity Bulletin

Phone Call Attacks

Helpful tips to help you stay secure!

by Brianna Vega on August 1, 2019

Hackers are not just limited to hacking your workstation or other mobile device. Attackers are also using phone scams to access your personal information. You might have already received a phone call from someone who wants to access your personal information to steal your identity or money. If you have not you might receive a phone call like this in the future and it is important to familiarize yourself so that you can protect yourself. These attackers will call from places all over the world trying to find that one vulnerable person they can take advantage of. 

  • These callers will pretend they work for the government and claim that you have unpaid taxes, they may pressure you to pay the taxes immediately over the phone with your credit card. This is a scam. 

  • Sometimes the caller might pretend they work for a computer company and they will say your computer has been infected and will need remote access to your system to fix your computer. This is a scam. 

  • You might also get an automated voicemail saying that your bank account has been canceled and you will need to call a number to reactivate it with your personal information. This is to record your information for identity fraud and it is a scam. 


So how do you protect yourself?

  • Use your research. If a caller is claiming to be your bank, look up the customer service number from your bank and call yourself. 

  • If you believe a phone call is fake or an attack you can hang up or say no. 

  • Never allow anyone to take remote control of your computer or trick you into downloading software. (Besides your IT guys!)

  •  If you receive a call from an unknown number, let it go to voicemail and if it is a scam block the number.

  • Find a call blocker app for your mobile device. There are apps you can download on your phone that will screen incoming calls for spam callers. 

Here are a few links for call blocking apps for both iOS and Android devices: 


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Thank you!

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  • 14-Aug-2019