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Offboarding Checklist for Managers

Off-Boarding Checklist for Managers

It is in the business’s best interest to effectively manage the departure of staff employees when separating from employment. This off-boarding process can help to ensure the:

  • Security of property and information

  • Completion of required exit tasks

  • Business continuity upon the employee’s departure

  • Transition with staff and clients

Please use the following list to help complete the off-boarding process.

  • Retrieve Keys/FOB 

  • Retrieve Employee ID badge

  • Retrieve Town Hall/SELCO issued equipment (Laptops, etc.)

  • Ensure voicemail password has been reset to 0000, voicemail recording has been removed and calls are redirected until new hire has set up the phone.

  • If provided a Town phone or tablet, ensure that the device password has been reset to 0000, that any “find me” or “locate my device” has been turned off, and the device has been reset back to factory specs.  All cell phones/tablets will be returned to IT. PLEASE NOTE - If the employee is allowed to retain the cell phone number they have been assigned (AKA number portability) a Verizon “Transfer of Service” request must be filled out PRIOR to the employee leaving.

  • Instruct the employee to remove all personal information from their workstation. 

  • Instruct the employee to remove any important work documentation from their desktop and personal drives and move them to the department file share or Google share drive and give access to the department.

  • Please communicate the employee departure with the department and any departments that may be impacted by the employee departure.

**Please note that email is not a form of record retention. Please use Google Drive to store important documents. Any questions/concerns regarding record retention please reach out to the IT department.**

Please fill out the Offboarding form here: 


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