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Email Links on the Town Website

In many places on our website, we use a special hyperlink to allow end-users to send an email directly from the web page without having to cut, copy or paste the email address into a mail client.  Called a "MailTo" link, it is a special code that will prompt the end user's computer to launch their email client, and enter the email address in the "TO:" field.

Recently we have been noticing that some public users are experiencing difficulty with these "MailTo" links.  Unfortunately, this is most likely due to a recent update to their devices.  We have experienced this internally with the last release of Google Chrome.  When clicked, the link may launch a new screen, or do nothing at all.  To date we are only aware of PC's being affected; mobile devices seem to work fine.  Google Chrome is supported by CivicPlus for accessing our website, and it is, in fact, their preferred platform.  

Internally, if you experience any issues with auto-opening a "MailTo" link, please ender a TechSupport ticket.  There are advanced custom settings in Chrome that direct emails to be handled by Gmail.  Google Chrome can be a highly customizable browser and is often configured to individual tastes.  Therefore it is not possible for us to support the general public with their chrome settings.  If they are experiencing any issues with their PC's auto-launching a MailTo link, they should be directed to whoever provides their tech support. 

However, we can help by standardizing how we code our "MailTo" information (see below).  First, be sure to select the type "MailTo" in the dropdown for hyperlink properties.  Second, format the "MailTo:" line correctly, with the "MailTo: preface, and the email address you wish to use.  And finally, enter the full text of the email address in the link text field.  This way, the end-user can see the email address clearly and can cut/paste it into their email client.


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  • 06-Mar-2020