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Soft Phones - MLC (Multi Client Mobile) User's Guide

Soft Phone User Guide

Multi-Client Mobile (MLC) Tips and Tricks

The MLC soft phone client provides you a means to use your desktop phone remotely.  The graphic below shows what the interface looks like, it mostly mirrors your desktop phone.

Thank you very much to the Town Manager’s office for your help in putting this user guide together!  Please send any suggestions or additional tips to IT to be included in this document.

  1. An employee on a cell phone can call the MLC phone and be transferred to an outside line. If someone in a department does not have the soft-phone, calls can be transferred out to staff members' cell phones as well. The Town of Shrewsbury number would show up for the outside line. To transfer the line, select transfer - dial 9 - dial 1 - dial the outside line phone number. 
  1. The “Speaker” key is pressed to hang up or initiate an outgoing call. 
  1. IT has the capability to set the MLC phone up remotely. The MLC phone gets installed on the computer and mimics what is programmed onto the user’s desk phone. 
  1. To “log-in” to the MLC phone, users must be connected to VPN. 
  1. Headsets for Audio: Reference email from John Covey on 4/10 describing different headsets and what the benefits of each are. 
  1. Numbers can be dialed using the number keys on a keyboard, or can be clicked via mouse. 

Please see the attachment "NEC MLC Multi-Line Client Users Guide" for a full description of all functionality.