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Remote Login and Passwords

We have done our best to set up a very secure system.  Password complexity and auto-expire are part of how we are configured.  Additionally, there are restrictions on how we manage our passwords. We need this to keep our data protected; we can't just turn those requirements off.  When you are offsite or remote, this becomes a little tricky.

FIRST - our system WILL NOT prompt you that your password is about to expire.  Since you are remote when you first log into the PC, the device does not check the status of your credentials with the system right away.  The device (when remote) is unaware of the time you have left on your password.  

SECOND - local credentials saved on your PC will allow you to log into it while you are remote.  The system will only realize that your password has expired when you try to connect to our network.  It's just how we are configured; you can get into the PC remotely, but then be shut out of the network if your password has expired.

THIRD - if your system password does expire when you are offsite, you MUST be back onsite to reset it.  Again, this is a requirement built into how we have our system configured for security.  This is why we recommended that folks reset their passwords manually onsite before we sent folks home several months ago.

If your password has expired, there are a couple ways we can fix that for you.  But the best thing for both of us is if you manually reset it before it expires.  You can do that while you are onsite, or offsite if you are (first) logged into the VPN.  Please see our knowledge base article "How to reset your (Active Directory) password" in HappyFox for more details.

Thanks!  If you have any questions, please let us know.  

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  • 22-Jun-2020