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Brivo Admins - FYI - Ghost Users

We now use BRIVO at multiple locations throughout the Town.  We also are using the BRIVO system to print out ID badges for employees, as well as for access reporting on specific buildings.  Currently, there are over 460 users in the Brivo System; keeping track of all of them is a challenge.

In order to keep our data consistent (and to aid in reporting after the fact) we have to make complete records when we add or change user ID's in Brivo.  This specifically means filling out the information in the "Custom Fields" tab.  

  • The "Division" field  is mandatory for every user.  Currently, the divisions we track in BRIVO are Town, SELCO, or DRC (Donahue Rowing Center).
  • For DRC users, please record the name of the school or organization that the person belongs to as their title.  Make any special comments in the "User ID Noted" section.  
  • For all others, all of the first five fields should be mandatory (see below).  Please fill out these sections so that we can both identify properly who has access to our buildings, and so that we can use the information on Town, SELCO, and Fire ID cards.  Please note, the Issue date should be either January of the current year, or the actual issue date.  The renewal date should then be set to five years after the card is issued (five is a default, you can set a shorter span as needed).

The remaining fields are used with a specific ID card for different departments.  For example, the badge number and DOB is used by the Fire Department on their ID badge.  Some of the remaining fields may not apply to all staff, such as "Essential Staff" in the ID card comments field.

Occasionally we find a user who has no information in the system.  These we call entries like this a ghost user.  There is no information as to who they are, or why they have access.  

As of this writing, there are no ghost users in our BRIVO database.  PLEASE NOTE - Due to security concerns, any ghost users found in the future will be suspended until we can verify who they are.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to assist, or if you have any questions.  Thanks!  

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  • 22-Jun-2020