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MLC Phone Tips

The NEC MLC (Multi-Line Client) software is the soft-phone that the Town and SELCO uses on our system.  When you run the MLC Software, your PC basically functions as your desktop phone.  

When you launch the MLC, the software will launch and show you a graphic that looks just like your desk phone. 

In order to answer your phone, you just  need to hit the "Speaker" button (see below).  The sound will come out through your device speakers, or your headset (if you are using one).

When you want to hang up, just hit the "Speaker" button again.  To mute the call, you hit the "Mic" button; hit it again to toggle the mute off.

If your softphone is having trouble selecting the correct audio device, click on the gear icon to the upper right, and go into settings.  From there you can select the audio device (see below).


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  • 24-Jun-2020