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How to create Munis client or Crystal Reporting accounts

  1. Log into with an admin username and password

    1. This will not work if the password is expired

  2. Click Create User Account

  3. Enter the following details as advised:

    1. Username MUST ONLY BE 4 letters. Typically first 4 letters of the users domain/computer username. Examble acol instead of acoldwell

    2. Check off Active Directory for client access

      1. Only check Reporting if Crystal Reports access is needed

    3. Enter FULL LEGAL first and last name (this cannot be changed later)

    4. Skip password and click submit

  4. You may close CloudAdmin as the next steps are done in the Hub.

  5. Log into the Hub with the same admin account as above

  6. Expand System Administration

  7. Expand Security

    1. Roles can be added based on another munis user advised by the department head or Accounting Manager. You can open 2 user attributes windows simultaneously

    2.  Click green Checkmark to Save

    3. Enter the following details as advised:

      1. Enter the full Username including the 4 digit numeral prefix that was added by cloud admin when creating the accout. Examble 1522acol or 9604acol

      2. Enter the same FULL LEGAL name as before

      3. Set user account status to Enabled

      4. OPTIONAL: Click (ellipses) to locate the employee number if possible

      5. Enter the user’s work email address

      6. Default printer enter local

      7. Set Delivery preference and Workflow delivery to email

    4. Click the green + to add an account

    5. Open User Attributes

    6. For Crystal Reports/Reporting account continue with these steps

      1. Expand System Administraion -> Report Writer

      2. Open Tyler Reporting Services Views

      3. Click the green + to add an account

      4. Enter the users client username exactly

      5. Check off the permissions required for the types of reports needed.

      6. Click the green Checkmark to Save

      7. Expand ASP Admin (under root menu)

        1. Open Change Reports Password from NeedNew1 to something complex as it will never ask force the user to reset.

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