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"How-to": Viewing a Meeting Room (AKA Resource) Calendar

This is one of three articles regarding room bookings.
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The following procedure will walk you through adding meeting room calendars (AKA resource calendars) to your list of calendars in order to have the ability to view what events may be occurring in each room.
To add these calendars:
  1. Go to Google Calendar via any web browser
  2. Click + on the left hand right above your list of Calendars
  3. Then choose 'Browse calendars of interest'

  4. On the next screen we see options for other national holidays. We want to choose 'Brows Resources' on the left hand side.

  5. On this final screen we can choose to check off each of the meeting rooms we care about by clicking inside the corresponding box. If we no longer need one, we can choose to un-check it accordingly.

  6. Any changes are automatically saved so you may just click the arrow in the top left to return to your calendars after you are done.

  7. As mentioned before if you do not need to consistently see these calendars, you may hide them by clicking directly on the name of the calendar. Showing them again can be done by doing the same at any time.
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  • 17-Jun-2019