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How to view members of an Email / Distribution Group

 The following is a method for viewing members of an email or distribution group.

  1. Open Google Calendar in any web browser
  2. Begin creating an event on your calendar
  3. In the Add Guests field type in the name of a group you want to review. Google will attempt to autocomplete so you may choose to click a result that appears from the list in order to add it to the event
  4. Once the group is added you will see the number of members in parentheses. Click the down arrow in order to expand the group and see its individual members
  5. Be sure to click the X in the top right to cancel event creation unless you plan to invite the full group of people you added to an event

Note there is currently no way to do this in Gmail as far as we are aware. This can only be done in Google Calendar

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  • 21-Feb-2019