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Attachments in ViewPoint - Data Expectations

There are several types of attachments associated with Permits.  Depending upon the nature of the permit, the attachment may be in one of several locations.

We have broken down these attachments into one of 5 groups.

Group 1 = All permits before 9/7/11.

No digital entry of permit forms – No digital attachments

Group 2 - Permits after 9/7/11, but before 7/18/16.  

Digital permit forms – No digital attachments

Group 3 - Permits after 7/18/16, but before 7/1/17.  

Digital permit forms – Some digital attachments*

Group 4 - Permits after 7/1/17, but before 9/6/17.  

Digital permit forms – Mostly digital attachments**

Group 5 - All permits after 9/6/17.  

Digital permit forms – Digital attachments


Any digital records that were created or existed prior to 9/6/17 should be in Image View (Group 3 or 4)

We are unaware as to the disposition of any paper records that were scanned and the paper copy not retained.


Forms: The actual permit form or request.

Attachments: Supporting documents (plot plan, building plans, etc)

Documents: System issued items (job weather cards, CO's, stop work, etc.)


* = Digital Attachments were not mandatory.  Some projects did, some projects did not.

** = Digital Attachments became mandatory.  However, this was not universally applied.

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