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January Cyber Security Newsletter - Why IT Security is Important

CyberSecurity Bulletin

Why IT Security Is Important.

From your cell phone to your workstation, you work with Technology daily. How can you become more secure with your technology?

by Brianna Vega on December 27, 2018

It’s the holiday season, shopping is at an all time high and your data is more valuable than ever. How can you be secure while shopping?

  • Shop at websites you trust
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi
  • Create strong passwords
  • Check out website security (A secure website will have a little padlock next to the address in the URL and the URL will begin with https://)

These are simple tips that can help you shop securely and keep your data safe. These tips may help you during this holiday season and should be followed even after the holidays.

Security Starts With Culture.

Security starts with YOU. Cyber Security is a team effort and an integral part of a business. It does not take much to become more secure. A few basic steps can help build a strong foundation that can prevent data breaches at our workplace and in your personal life.

The biggest target for a hacker is you. It starts with a dangerous link sent in an email or displayed on a website advertised as a link for a software download, document or even a spreadsheet. This link opens up a connection to all of your data. From there this hacker can figure out what your passwords are to any applications you are using and cause damage to your personal life and/or workplace.

How can we prevent this? For starters let’s go over passwords. Passwords containing words are no longer as secure as we think they are. The most secure password you can create is a passphrase with a combination of numbers and special characters. For example, instead of using dogsaremybestfriends you can use d0gsaremybestfr13nd$. Both are the same passphrase but to make this password more secure we use numbers and special characters. Just this one change to a password can prevent a hacker from using a program to crack your password. I found this chart to that helps me understand the difference between an OK password and a really secure password.

OK Password

Better Password

Excellent Password



















I will be sending out monthly security newsletters. If you ever have a concern or question on best security practices please feel free to email me at

Thank you!