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How to fax from your Computer

The following procedure will ONLY WORK IF you have access to a Xerox Copier with a connected fax/phone line. Be aware that it is possible to have a copier with fax capabilities but no active phone line connected.

  1. Open any printable document/file on your computer. (If it is not electronic you will need to make it so by scanning it or find a physical fax to walk to)

  2. Go to File-> Print and begin to print your document as if you wanted a physical copy of it. Microsoft Word is used for the example shown here but any program can be used such as Chrome or Adobe Acrobat to do this.

  3. Make sure a fax device is chosen as your printer.

    Your printer options may also look like this depending on the application you are printing from.

  4. Click Printer Properties or in some cases this may be called Preferences

    1. Next Click the ellipses (...)

    2. A Fax pop-up will appear where you will need to enter additional details. If you don not see this pop up, make sure it is not behind another window or application you have open.

    3. Click the icon under Recipients in order to add the information for the person receiving your fax. Enter the required information and Click OK. Note that the “Fax Number” is the most important field. You must enter a valid fax number for this to work.

  5. After clicking OK the recipient will be shown in the list. You may add additional recipients by clicking the icon again if you choose.

  6. If you do not need a Cover Sheet or Confirmation Page then click OK for your fax to be sent. If you need a Cover Sheet, see step 7. If you need a Confirmation Page, see step 8.

  7. Optional - Cover Sheet. You may add a cover sheet you choose by following these steps. If you do not need one then skip this.

    1. Click the Cover Sheet tab, and choosing Print a Cover Sheet.

    2. A Cover Sheet pop-up will appear allowing you to fill in any information you want. Click OK after you are finished with your Cover Sheet.

    3. You may also enter Cover Sheet Notes to appear on the page as well.

  8. Optional - Confirmation Page.If you require a confirmation page you may obtain this via print or email. If you do not need one then skip this step.

    1. Click the Options Tab and then choose Send to Printer or Send to Email. Be aware Send to Printer will print the confirmation page from the device you are faxing from so you will need to walk to the appropriate printer to pick it up.

    2. Send to Printer will require a valid email address to be entered into the field below.

  9. Once you are all set click OK

  10. Finally Click Print for your fax to be sent. If you need a Cover Sheet, return to step 7. If you need a Confirmation Page, return to step 8.

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  • 21-Feb-2019