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101 - Tyler MUNIS Support Documentation - Important Links and Support Procedures

Tyler MUNIS Support Documentation

Product/Service: MUNIS

Vendor Name: Tyler Technologies

Contact #: Tyler Support Hotline is 1-800-772-2260.  Press 3 for MUNIS

Vendor Website(s):

A) The Tyler MUNIS Online support portal.  This site offers a knowledge base of documents and guides, education resources, and a searchable database of documentation.  The Tyler MUNIS Support portal can be found at:

B) Tyler Munis also has online education classes.  You may register for these at:

C) Tyler also offers live "Go To Assist" sessions to walk you through any process on screen.  You can access this at

General: Tyler MUNIS is our main ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.  It covers budgeting, accounting, AP/AR, HR, Payroll, etc.  

Support Expectations:  Tyler has a help desk staffed 24X7 and we pay extra for support.  SELCO IT can assist in coordinating tickets, but each department is considered to be self-sufficient in the system.  Users may report their individual tickets directly to Tyler.

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