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101 - OnSolve CodeRED Support Documentation - Important Links and Support Procedures

OnSolve CodeRED Support Documentation

Product/Service: CodeRED

Vendor Name: OnSolve Emergency Notifications

Contact #: 866-939-0911

Vendor Website:

General: CodeRED is our emergency notification system for our community.  We have an unlimited number of internal staff users and an unlimited number of minutes on our account.  With CodeRED we can contact staff, residents, and the general public via email, phone, text, cell phone, and phone app.

Support Expectations:  OnSolve provides all support, training, and assistance for this system.  It is our expectation that any department that needs to use CodeRED should ask for a log-in and become trained in using CodeRED.  SELCO IT does not provide communication by proxy.

However, during an emergency, SELCO is always available to assist.  And, during a major emergency, OnSolve can provide direct phone assistance to walk someone through launching a call.

Also - wording for communication with the Public should be approved by a department head, and/or the Town Manager or SELCO General Manager before being launched.  

PLEASE NOTE - SELCO IT PROVIDES NO SUPPORT TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC IN USING THIS APPLICATION.  Requests to be removed from our system (AKA "Do Not Call" list) should be routed to the originator of that call.  


Residents self subscribe and self manage their contact info via the Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) page.

To correct information after they have registered, they log into the Contact Group Enrollment (CGE) page.

Staff logon into CodeRED at the portal link:

OnSolve CodeRED Online Training Catalog - click on the link and register for the available classes:

Staff accounts must be requested from SELCO IT in advance.  OnSolve requires a legal form to be filled out and signed.

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