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March Cyber Security Newsletter- Clean Desk and Security

CyberSecurity Bulletin

A clean desk is a happy desk.

You throw out your coffee cup and wipe down your desk at the end of your workday but have you cleaned up your desk entirely?

by Brianna Vega on March 1, 2019

You get a phone call that involves a customer and you write down their personal information on a sticky note. You then get called into a meeting and quickly leave your desk leaving that sticky note exposed on your desk. It happens, work gets busy and sometimes it is easier to write information down on a sticky note to remind yourself to address an issue later on. You may not think this is a big issue but it is a security risk. Any customer information is considered PII (Personal Identifiable Information). Leaving it exposed can allow anyone that is not you access to that information.

How can we eliminate this security risk and keep our office space secure?

  • Desks should be cleared of all papers including post-it notes, paper with sensitive information such as account numbers, and non-essential documents.

  • Always lock your computer when walking away from your desk.

  • Try to use electronic documentation over paper documentation. It is easier to access and maintain and it helps us become more environmentally friendly. Think Green!

  • Remember to shred documents that are no longer needed so that they are properly disposed of.

  • Keep your key FOB/Key card with you when you are away from your desk.

  • Keep USB’s, CD’s, or any other electronic storage devices stored securely at your desk.

  • Do not keep passwords written on post-its! Use your Google account to keep track of all of your passwords.

You should make a clean desk part of your workday. Anytime you are leaving your desk for a meeting or a break look back at your desk and check to see if you have any sensitive or confidential documents laying around. If so, put them away in your drawer until you are back at your desk. When the workday is over and you are leaving look at your desk and make sure it is clean and clear of all documents and ready for you to come in and start your workday the next morning.

The main reasons we should keep our desks clean are:

  1. A clean desk can produce a positive image when our customers visit the Town Hall.

  2. It reduces the threat of a security incident as confidential information should be locked away when your desk is left unattended.

  3. A clean desk can help promote work productivity!

I will be sending out monthly security newsletters. If you ever have a concern or question on best security practices please feel free to email me at

Thank you!

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  • 01-Mar-2019