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How to scan to e-mail with a Xerox WorkCentre device

Scanning to email is a great solution for quickly distributing/sending out a physical document without having to use your computer. This process will be virtually the same on most Xerox copiers found in town buildings.

  1. Insert your original document into the auto-document feeder or onto the flatbed scanner.

  2. Push the Services Home physicalbutton.

  3. Select E-mail from the options that appear

  4. To change any of the scan or e-mail settings, use the options at the bottom of the touch screen. Some examples of things you may want to adjust:

    1. Color/Black and White Detection

    2. 1 or 2 Sided Scanning

    3. File Name

    4. If you touch the Email Options you can also adjust:

      1. Reply To Address

      2. E-mail Message

      3. File Format/Extension (example PDF/TIFF/JPG)

  5. Remember to push Save on any options you adjust

  6. We can search for addresses from the Outlook Global Address Book by pushing Network Address Book

  7. Then begin typing the users first or last name or distribution list name as it would be listed in the Global Address List. Be mindful of spelling and that this includes saved Global Contacts set by the IT department.

  8. Push Search

  9. Tap each contact you wish to e-mail choose: To, Cc, or Bcc respectively. You may push search again to keep adding recipients if you choose.

  10. Press the green Start button if you’re done. If not you may push close to modify any initial scanning options you may have missed.

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  • 21-Feb-2019