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How to use workflow scanning AKA scan to a network drive

Scanning to a network folder/directory can be more efficient in many cases when scanning large multi-page documents or high quality color documents/photos. Email attachments are limited by file size causing the need for multiple emails to be sent when scanning these types of images. This process will be virtually the same on most Xerox copiers found in town buildings.

  1. To scan to a predefined network share first push the Workflow Scanning button on the control panel.

  2. Next choose which Department Shared folder you would like to scan to

  3. Place your document/image on the glass or document feeder.

  4. You may set a name for the file or use the default naming setting

  5. Make any additional scan setting adjustments and then push Start

  6. Once your scan has completed you can find your document under the Scans folder within your department shared folder under My Computer. Usually assigned to the letter Z:

  7. I encourage moving and reorganizing any items from this folder into others from here.

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  • 21-Feb-2019