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Removing Someone From CodeRED (AKA Do Not Contact)

Citizens should be encouraged to set up a self subscribe and manage an account with CodeRED.

Residents self subscribe and self manage their contact info via the Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) page.

To correct information after they have registered, they log into the Contact Group Enrollment (CGE) page.

Accounts are self-managed; we will not manage a user's account or access. 

We can, however, add someone's contact to the "Do Not Contact" list.  It basically blacklists a phone number or email address.  Caution should be advised; blacklisting is a complete prohibition on all calls, emails, texts or notifications.  This capability is available to all CodeRED users.

To add someone to the "Do Not Contact" list:

Log into CodeRED - select the Do Not Contact widget.

Enter the information as prompted.  If all you have is an email or a phone number, you can enter that too.  When in doubt, enter the phone number given in the "Text Number" field (see below)

You can also select the option to remove someone from the list, or simply review all entries on the list.

CodeRED calls generate hundreds to thousands of contacts each and every call.  Depending upon many intangible variables, Residents may be prompted to contact us when those calls go out.  Therefore, it is up to the originating department to manage the "Do Not Contact" requests resulting from the calls they generate.

If citizens have issues with logging into their accounts, they can use the password reset function, or contact CodeRED.

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  • 18-Mar-2019