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Civic Plus - How to Change the "Contact Us" Panel Information

On our Town website, the far right panel of most pages displays the "Contact Us" information for that particular department or committee.  This information is dynamic, as it is created on the fly by the software.  Dynamic content is repeated to multiple pages simultaneously and only needs to be corrected or changed in one location. 

Please note - you must log in with valid credentials in order to use any module or edit any content.

This information cannot be altered by editing the page that it appears on.  You will have to edit the source module in order to make any changes.  In this example, the module used is "Info Advanced".  To edit the information, you first select this module from the main menu when you log into the website.

Each department is configured as a category within Info Advanced.  Under each department, we create an item called "Contact Us" which is the nicely formatted information that displays on every department page.

Once you select the department and then select the "Contact Us" item, you can then edit that information.  Once you save it, it will automatically propagate to all pages that use the item.

For more information about the "Info Advanced" module, click on the link for the Civic Plus knowledge base articles for the module:

Or Click on the link below for a video walk-through of the process.

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  • 05-Jun-2019